Rainbow Skin Rainbow Skin

Rainbow (1) Rainbow (2)

Rainbow Skin for Scania Streamline Truck

Author: Aleksandro


16 Responses to Rainbow Skin Rainbow Skin

  1. Piratxxx11 says:

    -#### gays…-

  2. Maks-80 says:

    LGBT truck :)))

  3. sneshanaT*emnay says:

    Класс))))))))))) Осталось телегу в этот цвет покрасить)

  4. Aleksandro says:

    Made a skin in a rainbow of colors, not for LGBT. We have a rainbow let’s generally not to notice it because it reminds of LGBT!

  5. =Gans= says:

    И что за “голубинная” расцветка ,автор явно слабоват на заднюю ось)

    • Aleksandro says:

      To start look at other skins and then you can say that the author is rather weak on the rear axle!

  6. organiczero says:

    The skin is not that bad, but i would have gone with more elaborated layout curves to make the style better.
    What is sad is how a group of colors can draw in the most prejudiced & people on the internet to comment on it.

  7. KjayCopper says:

    What has this actually got to do with People being gay just because its a rainbow it resembles a gay person, it might be the skin creators first skin and hes releasing it having a load of people comment about it being a “gay truck” and being homophobic. it is wrong because what if it is to do with LBGT does it affect you NO so keep your comments to yourself – Thanks you 🙂

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