Rantkel HD Graphics V2.5


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Updated version of Rantkel HD Graphics. Whats new:
-Improved weather conditions
-Improved sunshine
-Improved details of grass
-Now more FPS, because uncesserary details are removed
-When raining, road looks like more blur
-Between 12PM and 16PM weather looks like real
Author is Rantkel. Enjoy!



9 Responses to Rantkel HD Graphics V2.5

  1. Faaiqaw says:

    awesome mod 😀
    awesome truck too :v

  2. MacedonianWarrior says:

    Work it with PRO – MODS ?

  3. Donovan says:

    Да вы ж уже заебали твари, хули вы скрины пиздите, уёбки криворукие

  4. Tirael says:

    a link to the Volvo that on the screenshot or it private ??

  5. Tirael says:

    дайте ссылку на вольву,которая на скрине,или она приватная??

  6. blobils says:

    Same as in upload from December 21, 2014!!!

  7. Franky S. says:

    What is the mod of that black volvo ?

  8. TinusTussengas says:

    Damnn that volvo looks nice, can we get a link to that to?

    Nice mod btw!

  9. TinusTussengas says:

    For the people who want this truck

    its volvo FH by ohaha:

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