Real AI Speed V1.0


MOD details:
1. Adjust AI vehicle accelerate more real.
2. Driving from a stop status, I’ve add 0.3s and 0.5s (Ai cars and Ai trucks) delay by setting a very low acc.
3. About AI car max speed, i’ve limited between 120~200km/h, generally around 150km/h.
4. You know there always some careful people driving very slowly, so I’ve add about 10% slow-driving AI cars, and truck traffic too.
5. Change traffic rules making AI overtake more.
6. Set max_vehicle_count doubled. (this may low your Fps)
7. A bit longer of traffic lights.



11 thoughts on “Real AI Speed V1.0

  1. sounds good, always hated it to drive behind the slow trucks hope this mod will help me..

  2. Work For TSM-Map 5.0 ???

  3. video please

  4. The trucks accelerate slowly (40/50Km/h on Highway)…

  5. klingt sehr interessant deine Mod aber ein Video würde uns sehr helfen

  6. rubberduck

    AI Trucks Speed not Real (Highway 70km/h) 80-90 km/h is realer….

    1. Yeah this I want, nobody can’t make this…

      1. Can anyone change this?
        or hammerxsun can you change it please?

  7. chyba nie bo ciężarówki na autostradzie jadą po 40 km/h

    1. Chyba w kassel pod górke ;PPPP
      Sam jezdze duzymi “DAFa” mam i powiem jak wioze 35t to w kassel ledwo zipie jak kazda z resztą ;P

  8. Using pictures without written permission is never a good idea…

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