Real Company Logo v 1.0

Real-Company-Logo-2 Real-Company-Logo-1

Mod changing company logos and skins at trailers for painting real companies.
Mod testing and working on v1.1.1

Walbert – Walmart
Voltison Motors – Tesla
Gallon Oil – Texaco
Sell Goods – FedEx
Chemso – Chevron

Author: satan19990

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DOWNLOAD 22 MB [Uploadfiles]

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9 thoughts on “Real Company Logo v 1.0

  1. JoeSpud2016

    This is Eurotruck, we don’t have Walmart over here, keep it in America where they belong.

    1. Not Walmart specifically, but you do have it over there under the name of Asda.

  2. Arthur Vince

    Nice Satan!! great job…..but… posted on the Wrong website, i think this is for ATS, not ETS2 😉

    1. As usual, Satan ain’t great enough to not make mistakes himself, such as posting the mod IN THE RIGHT F****** WEBSITE!!!
      (This mod is supposed to be in ATS not ETS2)

      1. Everybody makes mistakes you jackass!!
        Do we owe you something #######??

  3. Charlouis

    This mod is for ETS2 or the ATS?

  4. ffs, how hard can it be to post the mods on the right site? for ets2 mods and for ats mods! how hard can it be?

    1. Tneggs[Kansas]

      Its not the mod author’s fault, I posted my mod on the ATS page, and it ended up on both sites. Anyways, nice job on it!

  5. Ну что вы пристали к человеку,ну ошибся и выложил не туда случайно.Я ещё днём скачал этот мод,сразу понял что он для ATS и мне этот мод очень понравился.

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