Real Company Logo v 1.0

Real-Company-Logo-2 Real-Company-Logo-1

Mod changing company logos and skins at trailers for painting real companies.
Mod testing and working on v1.1.1

Walbert – Walmart
Voltison Motors – Tesla
Gallon Oil – Texaco
Sell Goods – FedEx
Chemso – Chevron

Author: satan19990

DOWNLOAD 22 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 22 MB [Uploadfiles]

9 Responses to Real Company Logo v 1.0

  1. JoeSpud2016 says:

    This is Eurotruck, we don’t have Walmart over here, keep it in America where they belong.

    • jc says:

      Not Walmart specifically, but you do have it over there under the name of Asda.

  2. Arthur Vince says:

    Nice Satan!! great job…..but… posted on the Wrong website, i think this is for ATS, not ETS2 😉

    • BottyBot says:

      As usual, Satan ain’t great enough to not make mistakes himself, such as posting the mod IN THE RIGHT F****** WEBSITE!!!
      (This mod is supposed to be in ATS not ETS2)

      • Steve says:

        Everybody makes mistakes you jackass!!
        Do we owe you something #######??

  3. Charlouis says:

    This mod is for ETS2 or the ATS?

  4. Adamisch says:

    ffs, how hard can it be to post the mods on the right site? for ets2 mods and for ats mods! how hard can it be?

    • Tneggs[Kansas] says:

      Its not the mod author’s fault, I posted my mod on the ATS page, and it ended up on both sites. Anyways, nice job on it!

  5. Nikolay says:

    Ну что вы пристали к человеку,ну ошибся и выложил не туда случайно.Я ещё днём скачал этот мод,сразу понял что он для ATS и мне этот мод очень понравился.

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