Real Company v 2.0

Real-Company-v-2.0-1 Real-Company-v-2.0-2

Mod change logo in game to real company logo

Euroacres – Sano & de heus
Eurogoodies – DHL
FCP – Leroy Merlin
Kaarfor – Carrefour
Lkwlog – UPS
NBFC – Repsol
Posped – FedEx
Sanbuilders – JCB
Sellplan – Maersk
Stokes – DB Schenker
Tradeaux – TNT
Trameri – Dachser
Transinet – Raben & Fresh Logistics
Tree et – John Deere

Changes in v 2.0 version:
– Adapted mod for 1.11 patch
– Added DHL and FedEx logo on buildings

Author: satan19990


7 thoughts on “Real Company v 2.0

  1. Hi “satan19990”!
    Have you addapted the skins for Trailer tu the new company?

  2. Day_dreamin'

    Hey satan19990!

    Don’t know if you did it (not on my PC now) but yeah, would be great indeed if you also adapt the trailer skins as well, or make a new mod so that when you take a trailer from DHL, the trailer skin is also DHL.

  3. satan19990

    So download trailer mod pack, there are skins for this mod.

  4. kentrucks

    hello can you please give a new link the other one is broken

  5. *Jazzycat used your replacement company logos in this mod (possibly later versions too, I haven’t tried):

    File sizes and dates are identical.

    *Kacak stole them just a few months ago

  6. Can it work on 1.14.0s?

  7. Still no trailer replacement for this mod?

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