Real Cummins Engine


This is real cummins engine ,sound and actual price (get in a ebay ). this sound getting a bus. this is including a PDF book set and it use full to your knowledge

You can modify develop reuplode and reused

Test 1.21v

Not working to volvo 2012

Thanks you for comment

yashan, SCS

DOWNLOAD 8 MB [4shared]

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4 thoughts on “Real Cummins Engine

  1. These are the most, best, engines that I had till now, especially the ISX15 450HP engine SmartAdvantage Powertrain HD. It’s one of the most impressive engine which I saw in this game. So strong, and so balanced, perfect sound…
    Congratulation for you guys, yashan, SCS, this is a great, great work, what you’ve done here.

    Keep this good work.

  2. trucker-bob


  3. Ok, certanely a great job. I will test it.
    But… why Cummins on daf? Sorry but i don’t undestand it.

    1. i try to creating real once someone creating a 10000HP engine this is not my field. because it fact arose my eager find reals on size sound and other stuff early i though about 4400HP is a rely small but real ones is a very huge i don’t know 100000HP engine

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