Real engine & gearbox

real engine & gearbox for all truck
360-380-420-460-480-520-540-620-628-720-750-1000-2000 engine
4-6-8-10-12-16-18-21-25 gearbox
tested on 1.25-1.26-1.27
tested on mp



6 thoughts on “Real engine & gearbox

  1. TeddyBear

    which trucks has a 540, 628, 720, 1000 and 2000hp engines? lol

    1. 540, 628, 720 exist, but the rest not…

      1. TeddyBear

        So no trucks has 520, 380, 420, 620 and 750 engines?

        What about Scania R520? That doesnt exist?
        Scania R620 doesnt exist?
        Scania P380 and P nad R420 doesnt exist?
        And Volvo FH16 750 doesnt exist?

        1. I meant the bigger ones, and you know that’s what I meant. Stop making a fool out of yourself.

  2. Only engine 100000 torque , no gearbox…fake

  3. UNreal engines! fake

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