Real Environment Sound v 1.0 [1.31.X]

Weather : Rain , Wind , Thunder
Environment : City , Forest , Barn …
Traffic : Road , Airplanes , Train ..
Truck : (Cabin , Bumps , Crashs , Turbine , Wheel …)

Physics : Bumpy Cabin with softer suspension
Police Behavior : Low density , Low Fine
Traffic : behaviour , density (More by day , lower at night)

Kairi-Akai ; Adaptation: Terg


6 thoughts on “Real Environment Sound v 1.0 [1.31.X]

  1. VIdeo?
    And is it complatible with Sound Fixes Pack?

  2. Leif Knudsen

    I don’t think so. When I use Sound Fixes Pack it chrashes .

    1. Thanks, I guess I’ll stick with Sound Fixes Pack.

  3. А видео где?????

  4. Sonido desde la cabina de los otros autos y camiones es posible escucharlos o solo son autos fantasmas sin motor ?

  5. supergazell

    Sound from the cabin of cars and trucks is it possible to hear them or are they just ghost cars without a motor?

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