Real Gas Prices update 17.09

This mod is designed for maximum realistic simulation purposes.
I like to play real, so I wrote some mod for help.

ETS2 version 1.31 –
DLC: Going East – Scandinavia – Vive la France
Maps: Promods 2.30 – Rusmap 1.8.1 – SR Map 7.2.0
Trailers: all jazzycats trafic, Promods TCP 1.17, Rudi´s trailers
mods: all pvhmodding

Albania Andorra Austria Belarus Belgium Bosnia Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Denmark Estonia Faroe Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Isle of main Israel Italy Jersey Latvia Lebanon Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Macedonia Montenegro Moldova Netherlands northernIreland Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden switzerland Turkey United Kingdom Ukraine..

Please do not upload to other sites, Without permission of the builder

Update 3.3
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 17.09.2018
-Alle Preise in Euro

Update 3.2
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 10.09.2018
-Alle Preise in Euro
-SR Map 7.2
-legazy fix

Update 3.1
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 03.09.2018
-Alle Preise in Euro
-Rusmap 1.8.1

Update 3.0
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom
-Alle Preise in Euro
-Promods 2.30

Update 2.8
-Aktuelle Dieselpreise vom 27.08.2018
-Alle Preise in Euro



2 thoughts on “Real Gas Prices update 17.09

  1. 1.31 version does not go any more, you must update it to 1.32.

  2. Ramon Araujo

    you could create a mod that improves the price of freight and xp in 10x and another mod that the weight of the trailer is more real? I have these 2 mod but not in version 1.32

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