Real Life Economy 1.33*

Realsed new real life economy mod!

Be real life price trucker
Money doesn’t come easy..

Gas Station price:
Job prize per km 25€-45€
Modder page:

Greetings from Estonia !
If you have any idea what mod to make. Tell me!

Golden Modding, SCS


8 thoughts on “Real Life Economy 1.33*

  1. Kas te oleks nõus tegema skinne?

  2. vanhouten_cz

    real economy 45 euro per 1 kilometer? 😀 Where, I am gonna buy real truck 😀

    1. Golden Modding

      i try script it down like 0.80-0.89€/km
      but its hard V2 coming out in december!

  3. Real Economy with that Prices? You should be happy to get 50% of the minimum Prive you set since the eastern Trucks are also allowed to drive all around in Europe.

    1. Golden Modding

      calm down its v1 and may be buggy v2 coming out tmorrow.

      1. Sorry but i had a Transport Company in Austria and i had to close 2010 cause Driver from the East of Europe have been much cheaper than i and got a Contract with that Company at the Vienna Airport i was before.

  4. crazyalf45

    can you make a daf 3600 and one for haevy hall and tunning

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