Real Life Economy 1.33*

Realsed new real life economy mod!

Be real life price trucker
Money doesn’t come easy..

Gas Station price:
Job prize per km 25€-45€
Modder page:

Greetings from Estonia !
If you have any idea what mod to make. Tell me!

Golden Modding, SCS


8 Responses to Real Life Economy 1.33*

  1. Eestlane says:

    Kas te oleks nõus tegema skinne?

  2. vanhouten_cz says:

    real economy 45 euro per 1 kilometer? 😀 Where, I am gonna buy real truck 😀

    • Golden Modding says:

      i try script it down like 0.80-0.89€/km
      but its hard V2 coming out in december!

  3. Thomas-H says:

    Real Economy with that Prices? You should be happy to get 50% of the minimum Prive you set since the eastern Trucks are also allowed to drive all around in Europe.

  4. crazyalf45 says:

    can you make a daf 3600 and one for haevy hall and tunning

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