Real Mercedes Actros MP4 PowerShift 3

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Real Power Shift 3 ! by IbanBelusi

hello everyone here I propose a mod of the gearbox power shift 3 for actros MP4 I try to get close to the reality which is not obvious but I am very satisfied with the result I hope that this mod will please you as much as me for the fun IbanBelushi

bonjour tout le monde , Voila je vous propose un mod de la boite de vitesse power shift 3 pour actros MP4 , j’ai essayer de me raprocher de la realite ce qui n’est pas evident , mais je suis tres satisfait du resultat , j’espere que ce mod vous plaira autant que moi pour le frabriquer enjoy IbanBelushi

These gearboxes come standard with Mercedes PowerShift 3 gearshift automation.
The following new features are introduced with the automation of gear changes:

• Improved gearshift strategy with shorter gearshift time due to better engine tuning
• Deleting “maneuver mode”, instead, new “slow report” function
• Additional “Power” or “Economy” , optional driving programs available
• Gearbox control via the new right-hand multifunction lever
• Elimination of the various report and corridor module components, as well as the clutch actuator, as a common unit replacement in the form of a gearbox actuator The gearbox actuator includes the following components in a gear unit. construction:
• Transmission Control Computer (TCM)
• Cylinder of report and corridor
• Solenoid valves for clutch, countershaft brake, divider group, ratio cylinder, corridor cylinder and range relay
• Divider group sensor module, ratio cylinder and lane

Version 1.33 work with sound Mod Evr Actros Mp4

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2 thoughts on “Real Mercedes Actros MP4 PowerShift 3

  1. Why this mod doesn’t work with Leen’s Actros MP4 sound mod -_- ?

  2. IbanBelushi


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