Real Navigation v 1.2

Real-Navigation-v-1.2-1 Real-Navigation-v-1.2-2

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Author: zapenakpea


7 thoughts on “Real Navigation v 1.2

  1. Хорошая работа.Молодец!

  2. zapenakpea


  3. Mathias Püschel

    Danke dir … endlich mal ein richtiges Navi

  4. zapenakpea

    Ich bin froh, Ihnen gefiel mir danken .

  5. darnellm09

    Great mod, I love it in my truck but in your screenshot the default GPS, yours is small and at the bottom of your screen, how do I get mines to look like that, my default advisor is just all in the way of your nice mod??? Help……..

    1. Cheesecake

      Press F3 twice, Press F5 to get it back. I belive thats the buttons

  6. townterrier

    yes they r the buttons but it will show the full advisor with gps, he wants to know how to just have the little box showing which would just show the miles to go, speed limit, ur speed etc, as i would like to know how to get mine like that

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