Real Paccar Mx Sounds For Daf XF106 V2.0

Hi guys this mod change standart scs daf xf106 sound with real

-Kriechbaums mx-13 sound deleted ı add my mx 13 sound for mx 13 engines
-This package have 2 different sounds mx-13 sound for mx-13 engines
mx-11 sounds for mx-11 engines
-Plus I add all engines fuel cons,engine brake power,torque curve etc.. all specific details.
-And ı add my first retarder sound for 1.37 in daf euro6 zf transmissions(not allisons).
-With 1.37 retarder sounds directly connect to transmission files so retarder heaven coming soon.
-Mx 11 have zf pneumatic gear sound too.
-Mx 13 have long range sounds all sounds are high quality in both engines.
-If you showcase to mod please show 2(DIFFERENT) engine sound thoo.
NOTE: IF you wanna hear much to retarder sound improve ‘Truck sound effects volume’ in audio menu

If you love my work and wanna support me you can premıum download in share mods or



9 thoughts on “Real Paccar Mx Sounds For Daf XF106 V2.0

  1. video ?

    1. Ethan Hunt

      #### off and test it yourseft.

      1. video?

      2. Video? :))

  2. GermanETS2Driver

    You are very intelligent… you take photos that are not from you… its from Alang7 you see it on the bottom left lol.

  3. PR Gamer Phillip



  4. The paccar mx13 sound in the old version is great and the paccar mx11 sound in this version is great
    You should combine the paccar mx13 sound in the old version with the paccar mx11 sound in the new version because I think the mod will be so much better quality

  5. kannst du bitte ein andren retader sound rein packen beim 530 mx13

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