Real Physics Cabin

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Added trucks such as:
DAF XF by vadik v.5.1
New Volvo FH
Also added are defaulted trucks like:
Daf E6
Daf 105
Volvo 2012
Volvo 2009
Scania R 2009
Scania Rs (it will also work with Scania R4)
MaN Tgx
In the archive are all the listed trucks.
Each of them has its own cabin physics

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2 thoughts on “Real Physics Cabin

  1. Thank you for sharing this hard work. I am a physics modder. I admit that i am falling in love with your physics mod. It is the best and better than all others that i have used so far including my own. You have achieved what i have been trying. Congratulations. Please make it for more trucks. I love the individual mods. In fact, i was trying to make individual mods too just before i found yours.

  2. Agree! Excellent mod =)

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