Real Sound DAF XF 106 460 MX 13 340 Engine voice records

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Congratulations to the truckers!Today I present to you the real sound of DAF XF 106.460 which is recorded under the new scheme.All subsequent sounds will be recorded in this way.For the record this truck took a lot of time and patience.All the sounds of the switches, gear boxes, pneumatic systems, and other recorded it with DAF 106.460 and are completely authentic


● Professional quality

● 100% Audio recorded by me

● Recorded exterior and interior sound

● 346 audio files Involved

● Fully autonomous sounds

Includes real sounds of switches in the interior, gearbox ZF 12AS2530TO R,pneumatic system air brakes, valves dryers, and electropneumatic signal real lift axle sound, the authentic DAF XF 106 sound of a tracking system for road lane, and more other sounds..

Vasily EVR Engine voice records


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  1. PolishDriverTruck

    Thanks, good job
    HD Video Test 1.27…

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Autor

  3. Why are you sending us to another website, the whole point of this site is to be able to download content directly, without having to go around the worldwideweb, that defeats the whole object, upload your pack on here.

    1. Driver_Sheng

      Author has the right to decide where to keep his content…in this case at his own website, which the last time I checked, has no annoying popups or ads to misdirect your download. Also the files will not be deleted by the uploader, unlike many of the hosts used to upload other mods.

    2. PolishDriverTruck

      This is the link author

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