Real Sound Scania R420 DC12 420 EEV E5 Engine voice records

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⬤ Features:

⬤ Professional audio recording

⬤ 100% Audio recorded by me

⬤ Recorded exterior and interior sound

⬤ 152 audio files Involved

⬤ Fully autonomous sounds

⬤ Includes real sounds of switches in the interior, gearbox, pneumatic, valves dryers, and electro-pneumatic signal and more other sounds..

UPDATE 1.6 Update V 1.6 Balanced volume of all sounds,improved retarder, the increased volume of “Reverse sound” and idle rpm.Minor fixes

Vasily EVR Engine voice records


4 thoughts on “Real Sound Scania R420 DC12 420 EEV E5 Engine voice records

  1. nice sound, thanks

  2. Can you make this for bigger engines too? I am loving this so freaking much already!

    1. káposzta123

      He said he is goin to make a lot of sound mods. But all, these sounds are recorded from the exact same engine as they are compatibile with 🙂 So it works with the E5 EEV 420 engine only for realism 🙂

  3. breizhdave

    works for scania RJL ??

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