Real Sounds for Ai Traffic Pack v 12.4 by Jazzycat

Personalized sounds for Ai Traffic Pack v12.4 by Jazzycat.

-You must place my mod above (priority) the Main pack 12.4
-Don’t use this mod for older versions of the main pack.

Main mod can be found here:

This mod “Sounds for Ai Traffic Pack” contains more than 200 sound files, most of Cip sounds! a few others captured by me from different sources (Youtube ..) with some improvements by Cip.

NOTE Some sounds may not coincide with the reality at 100%. Sounds for some vehicles are not always available.

This Mod works with “Ai Traffic Pack v12.4 by Jazzycat” version, it will ONLY work in 1.36 version

Support, questions & feedback here:

Cip, Darkcaptain, Jazzycat


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