Real Tire addon for 50kedas Wheel pack V 4.4


Version 4.4:
– Adjusted skins
– Adjusted tire position
– Added 295/75 tire size for ATS
– Added support for Stock rims

50keda, Ventyres, galimim


6 Responses to Real Tire addon for 50kedas Wheel pack V 4.4

  1. maddison says:

    I don’t like stolen downloads. Here Orginal Thread by SCSForum:


  2. skenz says:

    Kind of new to ETS2 so excuse my ignorance. If I replace the previous version of this mod with this new one and I have purchased tires from this mod before, will there be any problems with the trucks that have the previous versions tires installed?

  3. serhad says:

    Incorrect tire positions are still not compatible with 50k wheels

  4. Madots says:

    Compatible for v1.21.1 ???

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