Real Tire addon for 50kedas Wheel pack


Updated to 2.2:

– Changes to the reflection

50keda, Ventyres, galimim


9 thoughts on “Real Tire addon for 50kedas Wheel pack

  1. Patch 1.21 or 1.22 ?

  2. crash on 1.22 patch.

  3. For me don’t crash the game in 1.22, but nor not work, also. I mean, I not see no new tires in the tires menu, only my old known tires, which I had and before.

    1. Mike Rules

      You have to change 1st the rim with one in the mod and after that you will see the tires.

      Hint: Click on the rim and then scroll up for the mod ones !

  4. Adrian Gabriel

    This mod crashes my game. tried it on a clean save with no other mods installed, patch 1.22.whatever is now…

  5. Guys, you should also need 50keda’s wheel pack to work

  6. heavygamer70

    same for me, crashs the game in 1.22

  7. Adrian Gabriel

    Thanks for the info KCI !

    Works for me now, for those interested look for 50keda wheel pack. I used 3.2.2

  8. Mike Rules

    Great mod !

    I love using the thick tires on the front and back wheels. Maybe in a future update you could make white(or any other colour) decals for the tires. Its a very good mod but to bad you can not see the brand of the tires unless you look very closely.

    There is a small bug, the front tires reflection flickers all the time, looking closer you can see the reflection of all the tire brand in the pack mixing together …

    All in all, great work with the pack !

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