Real Traffic Density [1.31.xx +1.32.x]

This mod increase city traffic to be more realistic on conventional and secondary roads
You can use this mod only with Euro Truck Simulator 2 v1.31.x/1.32.x Open Beta
If you share this mod, please use the original download link!
Have fun! ?

Mr simba


16 Responses to Real Traffic Density [1.31.xx +1.32.x]

  1. Leon says:

    Don’t work for me (1.31) : the game crash at the begining.

  2. juju51200 says:

    Its mods have not worked for a while since scs have changed their systems since version 1.30 I think. Do not download it will still crash

  3. juju51200 says:

    This mod does not work anymore since version 1.30. scs have change the system

  4. Shaun says:

    Doesn’t work on 1.32 either.

  5. M3E36 says:

    Not working (1.32). Crashes during the loading screen

  6. ciccio says:

    Non lavorare per me (1.32): il crash del gioco all’inizio.

  7. Alejandro says:

    does not work in 1.32, the game is dropped at the beginning

  8. john says:

    crashed. 1.32. garbage.

  9. koi says:

    !00% Stolen

    !00% Mr simba = The Thief jemyRed

  10. Oguz06 says:

    it doesn’t work on 1.32

  11. BigJhon says:

    Stolen mod!

  12. Zonkowonko says:

    Läuft nicht mit 1.32

  13. Kamil48 says:

    Stolen very old mode. Created in 11/2015

  14. Cipinho says:

    you should search better for a traffic density for 1.32 😀

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