Real Traffic Density and Ratio ETS2 1.32 by Cip

Forget about fake uploads for traffic density. here is my adaptation of my mod for 1.32. It was updated for a while on steam an scs forum here:
however as there are some crashes in ETS2 I had to be sure that these are not caused by my mod.



13 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density and Ratio ETS2 1.32 by Cip

  1. CTD+1.32

  2. send gamelog it works for others on scs forum and on steam

  3. Ramon Araujo

    could you create a mod that increases the flow of trucks in service (with trailer) at night and something in which the trucks walked more like my speed and not like rockets?

    1. trucks are already more than cars during night, as for speed trucks cannot go more than their max_speed which be default in scs trucks is 90 Km/h. if you use some truck mods, you may check the files.
      it’s true that my mod makes Ai driving faster than the limit, this is why my mod is called “real”

  4. Police cars are not in the right countries.

    1. this is not coming from my mod

  5. It’s just the police parked when drive oversize.

    1. what else should be parked when you drive with an oversized cargo? (hope this was the full question)

  6. When+I+drive+with+an+oversized+y+can+see+the+police+cars+stopped+others+vehicles+at+the+crossroads+but+they+don’t+correspond+with+the+country…+and+excuse+me+for+my+english.

  7. Sorry for the +++

  8. this was a known issue in 1.32 somehow related to jazzycat pack, was discussed here
    you can follow the entire discussion 😉

    1. known issue in 1.31 sorry…

  9. Thank’s for the answer. Have a good day.

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