Real Traffic Density ETS2 1.40 beta

Real Traffic Density compatibility update for 1.40 beta

warning! use with caution, any game update may break the mod and I will not notice this since I no longer update my SCS games for personal reasons (updates for my mods are possible thanks to trustful people sending to me the game files after updates)

for info the Steam update will come only when 1.40 update turns public

P.S. My mods are and will always be for free, however if you appreciate my efforts and want to offer me a beer, I thank you in advance! here is my paypal account:



5 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density ETS2 1.40 beta

  1. Stephen Pullen

    Crashes the game in 1.40 beta

  2. Yes, unfortunately this occasionally seems to crash the game


      seems to fix my problem, so its not this mod, sorry

  3. I don’t have a crash, but having put it into the game isn’t the answer. Namely, the problem is that when I stand out at an intersection so much that I can look around normally, they can stop in an unconscious ###### place, the ai, when they would have an advantage anyway. : /

    1. Laci között

      IN original language
      Nekem nincs összeomlás, ellenben ami végett be tettem a játékba, arra nem megoldás. Mégpedig az a problémám, hogy mikor egy kereszteződésben annyira kiállok, hogy normálisan körül tudjak nézni akkor eszméletlen hülye helyen tudnak megállni, az ai-k, mikor amúgy is nekik volna előnyük. : /

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