Real Traffic Density v1.36.c by Cip

changelog v1.36.c
-adaptation for ETS2 1.36 official update and Black Sea DLC
-removed city_trucks from local_roads and other outside cities roads (the new sweeper will only spawn in cities)
-slightly increased spawn of police and emergency vehicles
-increased spawn of trams

for comments and possible issues please connect to scs forum and post on the official thread of Real Traffic Density mod:



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3 thoughts on “Real Traffic Density v1.36.c by Cip

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah Cip vielen vielen dank das du sie erneuert hast.
    Ich habe schon so lange drauf gewartet, den ohne deine Traffic ist ETS2 Scheiße °___°

  2. Your mod makes the game crashed

    1. You must have a high-end PC to run the mod, after 1.35 the game requires more power

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