Real Weight for DLC High Power




9 thoughts on “Real Weight for DLC High Power

  1. Uhh, 105T? U mad bro?

  2. 1 0 5 !!!

    front axle hangs in the air and no front grip

  3. tyrannix2342

    Too heavy are these loads.105 tonnes not the trailer.Such heavy loads are specialized trailers

  4. “Real weight”, my ###!
    The heli appears to be modelled of a 206 (1-1.5 tonnes), the yacht is 5t max.
    Oh boy

  5. RickDeckard

    You can call it Increased Weight, More Challenging Weight, but please don’t call it Real Weight as it’s far from that.

  6. T-Rieper-GER

    Its highly to much weight.
    A helicopter of this size never weights 15 tonnes. It never could get up…
    The Yacht would sink instandly…
    The Air Conditioners would crack the roof when installed on building
    I Agree to RickDeckard… Use another Name… Its never real weight…

  7. Ryo_Yashimura

    lol~~~ hahaha… seriioouusssss???

  8. boy_patria

    not works on 1.12.1

  9. Experimental Trucker

    Hello. Thank you @Letsqond for the mod. I haven’t been able to use it as yet as I’m still waiting for the new trailers to show up in my game.

    Okay…so basically, everyone’s saying the weight is too much? I understand about the weight not being real. If you think hauling 105 tons is too much, Take a little break if possible & watch this video…..

    I’m probably setting up myself for a thrashing. Regardless, this is all about having fun/enjoyment with the game.

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