Real Winter: Frosty Addon

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REAL WINTER: Frosty Addon

Required Mods:

– FROSTY 6.5:

– Flares:


Grimes, DamianSVW


15 Responses to Real Winter: Frosty Addon

  1. Стас82 says:

    Ну сейчас проверим!)))

  2. LucyLuuBoo says:

    How is your windshield full of mud and dirt?

  3. Old_Trucker says:

    The Game doesn´t even load with the recommended order in the pdf file. I keep my old stuff, this one is gonna pass by on me.

  4. alex says:

    my game crashed from this mod

  5. Basil says:


  6. alex says:

    and I think this ##### is fake

  7. Стас 82 says:

    МОД НЕ РАБОТАЕ!!! НЕ КАЧАЙТЕ! Игра в краш уходит!

  8. STAS82 says:

    Мод Не работает ! Игра краш дает! НЕ КАЧАЙТЕ!!!

  9. TWD76 says:

    Many Thanks! Beautiful!

  10. Trucktentakl345 says:

    Work with Realistic Grafic Mod and Promods+2.25?

  11. alex says:

    I dont know why my game crashed when i instal this mod

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