Real wiper


Author: —Max—


13 thoughts on “Real wiper

  1. RubberDuck

    nice mod,keep making such nice mods +11111 respect

  2. From City Car Driving/3D Instructor?

  3. Wow, super idea!
    I like this small but interesting mods.
    I will use this mod (program) from now on.

  4. Can someone say a few words about that?
    What that does exacly?

    1. How about to actually read it? Its says right in the picture what it does!

      1. Oh i didn’t know I could enlarge that picture because most of the time I can’t

  5. Snowleopard

    Super little mod this, really like it. I was frustrated with having either ON or OFF for my wipers with no setting to choose to have intermittent, but this mod gives me just exactly what I wanted, well done! Keep up the creating.

  6. some time the mod stop working , and you have to stop and start wipers agian, please fix and update !! nice job !!

  7. On what versions does this mod work?

  8. plz update to latest vesion ! plz

  9. PLEASE update!

  10. please make update! it not works with 1.15, I check and not working

  11. doesn’t work (1.16)

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