Real wiper


Author: —Max—


13 Responses to Real wiper

  1. RubberDuck says:

    nice mod,keep making such nice mods +11111 respect

  2. reece101 says:

    From City Car Driving/3D Instructor?

  3. Srele says:

    Wow, super idea!
    I like this small but interesting mods.
    I will use this mod (program) from now on.

  4. Pjotr says:

    Can someone say a few words about that?
    What that does exacly?

    • HoralkaEU says:

      How about to actually read it? Its says right in the picture what it does!

      • Pjotr says:

        Oh i didn’t know I could enlarge that picture because most of the time I can’t

  5. Snowleopard says:

    Super little mod this, really like it. I was frustrated with having either ON or OFF for my wipers with no setting to choose to have intermittent, but this mod gives me just exactly what I wanted, well done! Keep up the creating.

  6. Hicham says:

    some time the mod stop working , and you have to stop and start wipers agian, please fix and update !! nice job !!

  7. Jake88 says:

    On what versions does this mod work?

  8. Skipper says:

    plz update to latest vesion ! plz

  9. Harbard says:

    PLEASE update!

  10. whooper says:

    please make update! it not works with 1.15, I check and not working

  11. Deadface says:

    doesn’t work (1.16)

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