More alterations – better front and back lights
fixed left indicator (thanks CJ)
Dimmed rear and brake lights for daytime use…
*Ever wondered why vehicle headlights barely light anything up?
*Ever realised that reverse lights are supposed to illuminate objects to the rear as headlights do at the front?
*Ever thought that vehicle lights in general are flat and lack-lustre by default?
*Ever driven a real vehicle and seen how bright the light flares of oncoming vehicles are through a real windscreen?
*Ever seen large numbers of vehicles together creating a large bloom of light in an area?
*This mod is the answer to all your head-scratching moments because it fixes ALL of these things!
*Prepare to be dazzled, prepare for nighttime driving to be a true representation of reality!
What the mod DOES:
-Add environment effects for all AI vehicle lights.
-Add effects for all standard player vehicle (and trailer) lights.
What the mod does NOT do:
-Change the main front headlights and beams of player trucks because there are already many mods that do this; take your pick.
-Change other environment lights such as toll booths, buildings et cetera, though certain items could be added by request.



3 Responses to REAL WORLD VEHICLE LIGHTS FIX V1.0 (1.28.X)

  1. Steve says:

    What was changed in this version?

  2. bekema.a says:

    Brakelights not good

  3. Pillz says:

    The mod is really good. But why on earth would brake lights would light up like turn indicators lights?
    Otherwise a really good mod.

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