Reale Company Scandinavien v 1.4

Reale Company Scandinavien-3 Reale Company Scandinavien-2 Reale Company Scandinavien-1

Here is the fourth and final first game, eight new companies.

Bjork – Björträ GNT – Börjes
Konstnr – Skanska
Norrsken – Nortrail
Ns_chem – Univar
Polar_fish – Nordic_seafood
RENAR – Polar_logistik
Sag_tre – Sanda

In addition, the mod u_Reale_Firmen_Scandinavien.scs the leg, the company that you already have and will be properly packaged, copy and activate only in the modfolder.

Author: Dombro

DOWNLOAD 54 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 54 MB [Uploadfiles]

4 Responses to Reale Company Scandinavien v 1.4

  1. ifell says:

    To get all the companies you made mods for, do we need to load all the versions (1.4, 1.3, etc) or does this update include the other companies you added in earlier versions?

    In other words, is this mod an all-in-one or is it in addition to your earlier Reale Company mods?

    • Faelandaea says:

      Yes you use all of them. Each edition only contains a few companies.

      What I’ve been doing is as the author releases an edition, I just combine them into one SCS file, along with a few of my own edits. That way I could also pick and choose which companies of his I use and which of mine.

      The only drawback is this only changes the 2D textures, not any of the 3D signs. This week, since Dombro now finished this project, I am hoping to take his companies and use Blender to make the 3D signs for Vitas into Vestas, NS Oil, etc.

      If you don’t want to combine the files, though, and simply want all the companies activated right now, yeah, just toss all 4 mods into your folder and activate all 4. 🙂

      • ifell says:

        Thanks for the helpful reply.

        Your mod sounds very interesting. I’ll be watching for it! =)

  2. Faelandaea says:

    I probably need to check the files again but I did not see an email for this author.

    Dombro, I absolutely LOVE your companies project. I started fiddling with the signs for Vestas . . . I think you might like the result:

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