Realisthic Physics for v1.11


More realistic physics parameters.
Based on the new parameters added to v1.11 Open Beta.
ATTENTION: not tested on v1.10.x or 1.9.x versions (maybe the new parameters will be ignored or crashes the game)

For the new parameter “max_visual_rotation”, I recomend leaves the default value (35)
For the another new, named “air_resistance”, you can edit by your way. (I leaved to default too: 3.0)
For while NEEDS A STEAM ACCOUNT to get it.

To get the v1.11 Open Beta: register your Key on the Steam program (this means: you need a LEGIT key :D) and go to the game library, right click in the game, “Properties”/”Betas” and choose “public_beta – Early access…”



7 thoughts on “Realisthic Physics for v1.11

  1. please download link 404 error mediafire vs vs 🙂

  2. Trucker-Speelduur

    Video ?

    1. ### Video ? do it!

  3. darex2521

    Witam , prosze o VIDEO ?

  4. Sarkissian

    What a #### site you uploaded this file to!!!
    Can you upload to Zippyshare!

  5. Hello , any one who have problem with DL :

  6. Zippyshare link guyz:

    Sorry for any inconvenience.

    It’s my 1st upload, and my English is rookie yet…
    About a video demo: I don’t have a demo physics map to a proper demonstration of the features, isn’t better do you play and see the diffs for yourself?? 🙂

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