Trailers and Cargo Pack v 2.5

Trailers-and-Cargo-Pack-v-2.5-1 Trailers-and-Cargo-Pack-v-2.5-2

– Pack adds in game 40 new trailers, 245 new cargos and about 1500 skins for trailers
– All standalone
– Works on any maps
– Tested on 1.10.1.x
– Works on version 1.11 beta.
– Compatible with all my packs
– Included english and russian versions

For english version you must have in mod folder three files:
– Trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v2.5_part1.scs
– Trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v2.5_part2.scs
– Trailers_and_cargo_pack_by_Jazzycat_v2.5_eng.scs

Version 2.5:
– Added 2 new opentop trailers, 4 D-Tec trailers, 2 Ekeri trailers, Food Cistern, 4-axles curtainsider trailer, new cargos, new skins, fixed some bugs

Some trailers have been modified. For full compatibility between my packs use only the latest versions of packs. If you’re using mods, replacing default trailers, correct work of pack not guaranteed

Author: Jazzycat


32 thoughts on “Trailers and Cargo Pack v 2.5

    1. Thanks Jazzycat… Keep your work is of high quality and variety

    2. Man can tell me which TSM Map version work with that trailer pack ??? <<<<<< please pm

  1. willy1962

    Thanks for the update , another great release .

  2. Does the TZ Express pack replace some trailers? Can’t test cuz my mobo is broken…

    1. ###### question, already found out that it isn’t possibly to run both. Thanks!

      1. Some trailers from pack by Rommi TZ included in my pack.

        1. ok thanks and how i get contack with you do ask what trailers mod is included mod because i have lot of trailers mod and dont know what keep and what not, if want kontakt me in facebook or can send email and can communicate there, thanks for reading

  3. hi nie work, i have one question can you make your”Add-on for Jazzycats cargo packs v0.9.1 beta” compatible with original original map, i mean like that i dobt mus have “ProMods 1.52 and Poland Rebuilding” because i can not find it anywhere

    1. maybe need have to activate too this mod without replace it…


      1. what? i want play with mod “Add-on for Jazzycats cargo packs v0.9.1 beta” but i cant find “ProMods 1.52 and Poland Rebuilding”

        1. ahh I thought you were talking about incompatibility issues now if you need mod try this link

          1. so i only need download this? and it will works?

  4. Do I just deactivate the 2.4 and activate 2.5, Jazzy?

    1. Yes – I would not delete the older version until you’re happy that there are no issues with your game.

  5. Bjorn1985

    Thx for the update 😉

  6. zzzzzzzzTSM_Schwerlast_Skins_all_Truck_byPatriot is those mod skins included this mod

  7. Hey,Jazzycat!A have a question:if this mod which was for the 1.10.xx version works on the 1.11. beta does all your mods which were for 1.10.xx work on the beta version(1.11)?I apreciate your work!Keep it up!

  8. apferreira truckman

    Jazzycat you are one of the best moders ETS2, then I would suggest a few things for their future work, it is actually a request for correction and a suggestion, correction Bentley is on its last mod ai traffic, the size of vehicle because is very small compared to others getting weird compared to other vehicles, the suggestion is, if possible, and many people will be waiting for it, is an English bus 2 Floors typical Londoner of traffic, it would be very cool, hope you continue your great work. Regards

    translated by google translator

    Jazzycat você é um dos melhores moders do ets2, então gostaria de sugerir algumas coisas para os seus futuros trabalhos, na verdade é um pedido de correção e uma sugestão, a correção é relativa ao Bentley do seu ultimo mod de ai traffic, o tamanho do veículo, pois esta muito pequeno em relação aos outros ficando estranho em relação aos outros veículos, a sugestão é, se possível, e muita gente deve estar esperando por isso, é um Onibûs Ingles de 2 Andares típicos do tráfego Londrino, seria muito legal, espero que você continue seu ótimo trabalho. Saudações

    traduzido pelo google tradutor

    1. Good idea for those English busses with 2 floors or what they called and i suggest English taxi’s.

      Thanks of your work Jazzycat

      1. apferreira truckman

        yes agree ingles taxi (classic black) is a great idea

        1. I think the phrases you are all looking for are, Double Decker (for the bus) and London Taxi/Black Cab (for the taxi).
          Another work of art Jazzy. Keep up the good work buddy.

  9. Is it compatible with v ?

  10. That is a big mod :O
    But its awesome thx!

  11. Can u make a road train trailer mod pack?
    One with more trailers attacht to eachother.
    Witch are very heavy.

  12. and …


    is included in mod pack

  13. Someone can tell me which TSM Map version work with that trailer pack ??? <<<<<< please pm

  14. Man can give me tsm map which work with this trailer pack mod please <<<<<

  15. Gerald Payne

    Great mod but it does not have the 60 ton trailers so I had to disable with HeavyAlex map to get my trailers back. I love the challenge of the heavy weights

  16. please upload cargo.sat sii file then can add in file not downloading all of entire mod if have no plan to upload new of trailers mod pack

  17. This mod is just totally friggin awesome. Best mod ever for this game. Period. I love it!!!

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