Realistic cargo weights v1.0


Realistic cargo weights v1.0

This mod modifies cargo weights to be more realistic. Euro Truck
Simulator 2 is missing really heavy cargoes and with this mods you can
have them.

Heaviest cargo is 70 000 tonnes and there are many cargoes between 40
000 – 70 000. Of course there is also really light weight cargoes.
Lightest is 1750kg!

Feel free to donate:
By donating I can continue doing mods!

Works with 1.25 and 1.26 game versions. No need for new profile. If
your jobs disappear after equipping this mod go and sleep in game.
After that your jobs should be back!



5 thoughts on “Realistic cargo weights v1.0

  1. Mike Rules

    Really. “Realistic cargo weights” !? 70 000 tonnes – What are you hauling ? A cruise ship !?

    1. There are many children

  2. Maximum realistic cargo weights are 24.000kg on No-Heavy-Haulinge. Normal maximum for Truck, Trailer and Cargo is 40.000kg.
    44.000kg with 40″ Container.
    For the “Heavy Metall (75t)” you neeed a trailer with 7 axis and a truck with 4. Total weight ist more then 120.000kg.
    Your cargo weight are absolut unrealistic.

  3. lol… Very realistic… 70+ ton for a freight while in the EU the entire combination of tractor and trailer is capped to 40tons…

  4. Truck-205kw

    Realistic or not it’s not working. I enabled it but weights are not changing.

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