Realistic Graphics Mod | 2.0

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alterations : used mastereffect which reduced less fps

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Tekrardan başka yere yüklemek yasaktır.

Değişikler : Daha az fps düşüren mastereffect kullanıldı

Berat Afşin


16 thoughts on “Realistic Graphics Mod | 2.0

  1. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.32…

    1. Stop promoting your channel on here, there is a video by the creditor already.

      Ppl like you #### me off!

      1. PolishDriverTruck

        let the mod author write that I do not wish to delete it, greetings

      2. iTzSplashed

        shut up you dumb #####.. you should appreciate it if people put work in a video to a mod, like this for example..

        1. PolishDriverTruck

          I already wrote how the author does not wish me to put a video to write it, in a comment, remove the video

          1. AddyJCustoms

            Thanks you video, very helpful. Been watching your channel for long time now. Keep it up! And ignore ###### comment.

      3. It’s the only way he can get people to look at his channel. Just don’t click on his links.

  2. Excellent work i love it 10/10 highly recommed looks very photo realistic when maxed out settings

  3. Dr. COLOR

    heal your sight!

  4. heal your sight!

  5. this mod is from JuanBonX! (Realistic Lighting JBX – RB v2.0)

  6. it’s work on 1.32ver?

    1. Nice! Works on 1:32.

  7. Again a sh*tty MFX mod.

    Berat Afşin;
    I’m sorry but, saturated colors, high contrast, shiny things, blue tint and other stup*d post processing effects can not be “realistic” graphics. Did you ever look to sky, sun, sea, roads, asphalt, soil, streets, buldings? Stand up from computer and -GetaLife-.

    Guys, please think before creating mods. ETS sometimes looking good, sometimes bad. This situation depended to time, weather and skybox. After Scandinavia DLC, skybox updated and game it has enough picture quality for truck driving in cabin. But other textures still bad. You can use any effects, without PBR it will be ugly. This is also killing all feel of realism.

  8. felipe fagundes


  9. felipe fagundes


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