Realistic Lighting 2 JBX – Preset v 1.9.9 (Reshade v3.4.1)

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The custom setting v1.9.9 offers more realistic graphics, compatibility with many Games and Mod Graphics.

Recommendation: Avoid modifying the default brightness and contrast of the monitor*, play in Full HD (1920X1080) or higher and use the graphics settings that I recommend to get the best possible result in the game.

Additional: Deactivate the graphic options of post-processing effects and any other adjustment that affects the quality of the environment, including anti-aliasing filters not recommended. The brightness or gamma settings must be by default in the games. in some games you have to adjust it to avoid excess brightness.

Screenshots: Preset v1.9.9 + Proyect Next-Gen v1.4 + Realistic Graphics Mod v2.2.0

Preset v1.9.9 By JuanBonX


– Better Lighting
– Better Color
– Better Contrast
– No Pure White
– Sharpness and Focus
– Better Color Temperature


v1.9.9: Adjustments and Improvements in AdaptiveSharpen. The LumaSharpen effect was removed.

Better Sharpness and Focus

Note: The AdaptiveSharpen effect offers a better solution for focus and sharpness than LumaSharpen. The loss of performance with this effect on low performance graphics cards is +5 FPS. Available only for Reshade.


Adjustments required* in the Game

– Anti-Aliasing (MLAA): OFF (*)
– High Dynamic Range: ON (*)
– Depth of Field (DOF): OFF (*)
– Rays of Sunshine: ON (*)
– Color Correction: OFF (*)
– Anisotropic Filtering: Maximum

I recommend playing in the best graphic quality + 400% Scaling + Full HD

For better visual quality apply all the graphic settings I recommend. It affects the performance*

Necessary settings for my Preset v1.9.9 (Config.cfg)

uset r_gamma “1” (Important)
uset r_cloud_shadows “0” (Optional)
uset r_color_correction “0” (Important)

Bloom OFF ATS/ETS2 v1.32 (Config.cfg)

uset g_bloom “0”

Path: DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulatorconfig.cfg
Path: DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2config.cfg

Note: Exit the game before modifying config.cfg


Warning: If you want to use any of my configurations, request it and leave my credit. JuanBonX

Note: The custom setting v1.9.9 is the same for all games. FXAA ON is for ATS/ETS2 and FXAA OFF for most games.

Compatible: Con la mayoría de los juegos – With most games

Giving thanks costs nothing.

JuanBonX (Preset), Crosire (Reshade)


9 thoughts on “Realistic Lighting 2 JBX – Preset v 1.9.9 (Reshade v3.4.1)

  1. ist ja unverschämt das es was kostet die anderen graphiken sind kostenlos

    1. wie kommst du auf den kompletten Blödsinn das es etwas kostet????? einfach von dem angegebenen google drive link downloaden !!!!

  2. nice mod, ive got a big ### spider in my bath

  3. Everything is free. It will always be like this.


  4. RECHingrado

    Hi, can i use this with low graphics settings? I know it will look not so good, just asking because i have a very low end pc.


    1. On low performance graphics cards, the loss of FPS when using Reshade is high.

      SweetFX is the most recommended for that type of graphics card. in v1.9.9 of the preset only Reshade is available. To use SweetFX you must download the Preset v1.9.8


  5. sorry habe mich vertan ist natürlich alles frei gute fahrt euch allen :))


  7. When the gamma setting is set to “1”, the brightness in the graphic options of the game should not be modified.
    The default value is 1.

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