Realistic Lighting 2 JBX Settings v1.9.12 – Reshade – 2-12-2018

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The post-processing effects of Reshade + JBX Settings v1.9.12 offer more realistic graphics and compatibility with many Games.


– Better Lighting
– Better Color
– Better Contrast
– No Pure White
– Sharpness and Focus
– Better Color Temperature



– Added JBX Settings v1.9.12 – SMAA ON.ini
– Added JBX Settings v1.9.12 – SMAA OFF.ini
– Updated PDF installation guide for Reshade
– Updated PDF installation guide for SweetFX
– Updated ReShade.ini

Adjustments required* in the Game

– Anti-Aliasing (MLAA): OFF (*)
– High Dynamic Range: ON (*)
– Depth of Field (DOF): OFF (*)
– Rays of Sunshine: ON (*)
– Color Correction: OFF
– Anisotropic Filtering: Maximum

Adjustments required* in Config.cfg

– uset r_gamma “1” (Important)
– uset r_color_correction “0” (Optional)
– uset g_bloom “0” (Optional)

Path: DocumentsAmerican Truck Simulatorconfig.cfg
Path: DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2config.cfg

Note: Exit the game before modifying config.cfg

I recommend playing in the best graphic quality + 400% Scaling + Full HD

For better visual quality apply all the graphic settings I recommend. It affects the performance*

Compatible: Con la mayoría de los juegos – With most games

You can not use any JBX settings or copy part of them in other modifications without my authorization and credit.

Before evaluating my work, verify that all 6 effects are activated. SMAA is optional.


JuanBonX (JBX Settings), (SweetFX), Crosire (Reshade and eFX)


13 thoughts on “Realistic Lighting 2 JBX Settings v1.9.12 – Reshade – 2-12-2018

  1. Canarinho

    Thank you again JBX. I have one Question! Can i use the weather mod from you with the Realistic Graphic Mod from by Frkn64? Does this work?

  2. Hi. RGM and JBX Weather modify the weather profiles. You can only use one at a time.

    JBX Weather I will update it when I have time. SCS Software changes some adjustments in the weather profiles and it is necessary to do the update. regards

    1. Canarinho

      OK. When i use at moment the weather mod from you have many warnings with Ignoring obsolete attributes with different leaves_back_color informations with sun_profile. Now i know why. THX for Update Info.

  3. Bonjour jai un problème quand je veux le lancer sa veut pas marcher avec d3d9.dll et si je l’enleve sa marche

    1. Hi @thomas16, Which version of the d3d9.dll API gives you problems?

    2. do you have the option “Disable Fullscreen Optimisation” checked for eurotrucks2.exe ? UNTICK this option or you will crash

  4. hi, i really use it, but, im really lost …. need tutorial… very hard with all folders …

    1. i really want use it , sorry

      1. Hi. Go to my facebook page. write me in private message.

        facebook. com/

        1. Google Search: Realistic Lighting 2 JBX – Home | Facebook

          1. my facebook blocked for 13 days again xD ( politic story versus France ) xD okay , anyway thank you for your help, i play without 🙁

  5. uset r_gamma “1” (Important)

    This makes my UI look awful, like really bloated like horrible gamma, its not my monitor, I’ve checked, does this happen to you too?

    1. That setting leaves the brightness by default. It is what I recommend. It should not affect the user interface.

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