Realistic Lighting Improved Skyboxes and Wetter v 1.0


– Heaven now has realistic color and gradient (night / dusk / noon / sunset)
– HDR and Bloom tweaked to more realistic values
– Much more different cloud types at all times
– Realistic full moon
– 3 different types of bad weather:
– Thick clouds, but no rain and no thunder
– As above plus medium without rain and thunder
– Storm with heavy rain and thunder
– Inserted summer rain
– Attached lamp mask streetlights
– Street lamps generate more frequent now orange / yellow color instead of pure white

Author: Atak_Snajpera


9 thoughts on “Realistic Lighting Improved Skyboxes and Wetter v 1.0

  1. heaven? chyba sky hahahah

  2. I Love This Mod. Absolutely Brilliant And So Realistic 🙂

    1. The “Improved Weather” mod is realistic not this one.

  3. -Realistic? my ###!

  4. Well I Like This One 🙂

  5. it rains when only when bright and sunny and hardly any clouds…. unless the birds are pissing on the truck for a bit of fun

  6. pretty good mod! set your slider for rain properly

  7. Yes love this mod 🙂

  8. The best of this mod is the yellow streetlights, really gives the night a different mood.

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