Realistic Lightingv2.5 – Improved skyboxes and weather


-Lamp’s directional glow has been redone
-Reduced glow texture size from 2 MiB to 43 KiB
-Adjusted light color in tunnels
-Model “Street lamp curved” now emits pure white color.
-Fixed reddish ambient color during night


DOWNLOAD 93 MB [mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 93 MB [sharemods]

7 thoughts on “Realistic Lightingv2.5 – Improved skyboxes and weather

  1. @dr_jaymz

    hi, its compatible with tsm 5.4 and iwr hd 5.5?

    1. according

      do not use with others weather mods like IWR, RED…I think Brutal is included

      1. Thanks for these info men.

        Since a few month, I use RL and I LOVE it!
        Keep working upon perfection on this Atak!

  2. I have to sacrifice Improved weather. I hope someday you will work together and make the best environment mod ever seen in ETS2.

  3. Excellent mod, one of the best graphics modes !!

  4. It is compatible with Brutal but … fix those lines please!

  5. The mod looks great and I would like to use it. I have one question though. Since SCS changed a number of the environment features light the skybox and weather with the 1.17 update, does this mod still work as intended?

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