Realistic Map 0.2.0 Alpha

Realistic Map

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This is a standalone map with many details, realistic atmosphere and new models.

Authors: GerScaniaTrucker, FLD, BlueTruck, nicks4317


39 Responses to Realistic Map 0.2.0 Alpha

  1. Maximka.L says:

    There is very unusually and nice idea on the photo. I hope there are not many bugs, so I would like to test the map. Thanks.

  2. resad says:

    map worked in 1.18 ?????

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      I’m sorry, but not, because all models was converted to 1.19 and this mods shows informations in the new Mod Manager.

      Your sincerely,

      • AlexCrazy says:

        map works on 1.18 without any problem :))

        • GerScaniaTrucker says:

          Thank you for your feedback, but you have a red log I think, because there was many models, which was updated. πŸ™‚

        • resad says:

          thanks AlexCrazy

  3. Alex Knoks says:

    Work MHpro ???

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      It’ a standalone map, so you can’t combine this map with other maps. You must select realisticmap.mbd while creating a new profile.

  4. TOYGAR68 says:

    Shall we freeze for low system

  5. SnaSnasnael-76 says:

    Not work on my game πŸ™
    Only 5 mods of map activate with realisticmap.mbd activate but game crash iat 3/4 loading on 1.18

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      Oh, yes I know, I forgotten to say, that the map is only compatible with version 1.19.
      I’m sorry. πŸ™
      So, if you want, you can join the open beta on steam and play on my map. πŸ˜‰

      Your sincerely,

  6. Ivan says:

    GerScaniaTrucker.Game crashed 1 .19.Very bad map bro

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      What figure of speech are you using?
      First: All closed Alpha tester said it works and I can confirm that.
      Twice: You activated all five files, which was in the WinRar-archive in your profile and set the game modul into realisticmap.mbd?

      Please ask first and don’t say it’s very bad… Use your brain…

      • Ivan says:

        ΡΠšΠΠΠ”Π˜ΠΠΠ’Π˜Π― НУЖНА???

  7. Ivan says:

    .Game crashed 1 .19.Very bad map bro

  8. Piratxxx11 says:

    Im see video-ugly…… dont down this kids “map πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ” you too more learn how to build map..ok kid? πŸ˜€

  9. geoff1 says:

    i hate to put things but i have driven that road on the scandinavia when first release and same cargo and same farm so this is an old copie from scandinavia ets 2 1.18, but for 1.19

  10. geoff1 says:

    this is a copy from scandinava 1.18 i have driven those roads in that version

  11. Volvo_King says:

    Map works perfect on πŸ™‚ But, only one city? Sorry, these maps we donΒ΄t want…

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      I know this map is small now, but I work alone on this map and put many details into this map, so it takes time to build something.
      I hope you aren’t mad about this, because it’s the first alpha and there will comes many new roads, details and cities. πŸ˜‰

  12. geoff1 says:

    not mad good work actualy, better than the version i drove on. i just wish someone could open up uk map, thats what i get mad, uk gets left behind in this game .

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      ? First time you said it’s an old copy from the scandinavian dlc and know you say good work?

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      ? First time you said it’s an old copy from the scandinavian dlc and now you say good work?

  13. wegger says:

    Only scandinavia ?

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      If you meant only with scandinavian dlc, than yes! πŸ˜‰

  14. Chetan says:

    Love the map, but I’m facing an issue where the game lags so bad sometimes, BTW I’m playing on, does it run without any lag on 1.19, until I get 1.19, what changes I’ve to make it run smoothly on

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      Thank you! πŸ™‚
      Yes, I know, the reason are the trees and this old engine can’t run really smooth.
      I don’t know if it works on 1.18, because I optimized this map on 1.19.

      Your sincerely,

  15. American truck says:

    Does it work without dlc?

  16. resad says:

    this map don’t work in 1.18 crashed.

  17. Mr.GermanTruck says:

    other HD Test Video…

  18. geoff1 says:

    ger scania trucker what i meant was your version is better than the old version ,your version is much detailed in the video well down for the map looking cool

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      Oh ok, good to hear, thank you!

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      But where you got an older version?
      Are you a closed alpha tester? If yes, how is your name on the scs forum?

  19. geoff1 says:

    no no just saw the map on another version i was playing and im no alpha tester just like to do my own map

  20. nami says:

    work on going east DLC ?

    • GerScaniaTrucker says:

      You should have DLC Going East! and DLC Scandinavia. πŸ˜‰

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