Realistic Map 0.2.0 Alpha

Realistic Map

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This is a standalone map with many details, realistic atmosphere and new models.

Authors: GerScaniaTrucker, FLD, BlueTruck, nicks4317


39 thoughts on “Realistic Map 0.2.0 Alpha

  1. Maximka.L

    There is very unusually and nice idea on the photo. I hope there are not many bugs, so I would like to test the map. Thanks.

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      Thanks! πŸ™‚
      This map was tested by many closed alpha testers and is in the alpha phase, so you could see some terrainless areas, which are still work in progress.
      For more informations you can visit my topic in the scs forum:

      Your sincerely,

  2. map worked in 1.18 ?????

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      I’m sorry, but not, because all models was converted to 1.19 and this mods shows informations in the new Mod Manager.

      Your sincerely,

      1. AlexCrazy

        map works on 1.18 without any problem :))

        1. GerScaniaTrucker

          Thank you for your feedback, but you have a red log I think, because there was many models, which was updated. πŸ™‚

        2. thanks AlexCrazy

  3. Alex Knoks

    Work MHpro ???

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      It’ a standalone map, so you can’t combine this map with other maps. You must select realisticmap.mbd while creating a new profile.

  4. Shall we freeze for low system

  5. SnaSnasnael-76

    Not work on my game πŸ™
    Only 5 mods of map activate with realisticmap.mbd activate but game crash iat 3/4 loading on 1.18

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      Oh, yes I know, I forgotten to say, that the map is only compatible with version 1.19.
      I’m sorry. πŸ™
      So, if you want, you can join the open beta on steam and play on my map. πŸ˜‰

      Your sincerely,

  6. GerScaniaTrucker.Game crashed 1 .19.Very bad map bro

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      What figure of speech are you using?
      First: All closed Alpha tester said it works and I can confirm that.
      Twice: You activated all five files, which was in the WinRar-archive in your profile and set the game modul into realisticmap.mbd?

      Please ask first and don’t say it’s very bad… Use your brain…

      1. ΡΠšΠΠΠ”Π˜ΠΠΠ’Π˜Π― НУЖНА???

  7. .Game crashed 1 .19.Very bad map bro

  8. Piratxxx11

    Im see video-ugly…… dont down this kids “map πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ ” you too more learn how to build map..ok kid? πŸ˜€

  9. i hate to put things but i have driven that road on the scandinavia when first release and same cargo and same farm so this is an old copie from scandinavia ets 2 1.18, but for 1.19

  10. this is a copy from scandinava 1.18 i have driven those roads in that version

  11. Volvo_King

    Map works perfect on πŸ™‚ But, only one city? Sorry, these maps we donΒ΄t want…

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      I know this map is small now, but I work alone on this map and put many details into this map, so it takes time to build something.
      I hope you aren’t mad about this, because it’s the first alpha and there will comes many new roads, details and cities. πŸ˜‰

  12. not mad good work actualy, better than the version i drove on. i just wish someone could open up uk map, thats what i get mad, uk gets left behind in this game .

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      ? First time you said it’s an old copy from the scandinavian dlc and know you say good work?

    2. GerScaniaTrucker

      ? First time you said it’s an old copy from the scandinavian dlc and now you say good work?

  13. Only scandinavia ?

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      If you meant only with scandinavian dlc, than yes! πŸ˜‰

  14. Love the map, but I’m facing an issue where the game lags so bad sometimes, BTW I’m playing on, does it run without any lag on 1.19, until I get 1.19, what changes I’ve to make it run smoothly on

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      Thank you! πŸ™‚
      Yes, I know, the reason are the trees and this old engine can’t run really smooth.
      I don’t know if it works on 1.18, because I optimized this map on 1.19.

      Your sincerely,

  15. American truck

    Does it work without dlc?

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      I’m sorry, but not.

  16. this map don’t work in 1.18 crashed.

  17. ger scania trucker what i meant was your version is better than the old version ,your version is much detailed in the video well down for the map looking cool

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      Oh ok, good to hear, thank you!

    2. GerScaniaTrucker

      But where you got an older version?
      Are you a closed alpha tester? If yes, how is your name on the scs forum?

  18. no no just saw the map on another version i was playing and im no alpha tester just like to do my own map

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      Oh ok.

  19. work on going east DLC ?

    1. GerScaniaTrucker

      You should have DLC Going East! and DLC Scandinavia. πŸ˜‰

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