Realistic Physics Mod v1. by iceman

info: dis mod is for H schifting not automatic schifting.
what it do: everytime you downshift you go slower we we call it
real life engine braking even down hills your truck is slowing down
if you downshift

test it whit:logitech G27 racing wheel
en it works great.



3 thoughts on “Realistic Physics Mod v1. by iceman

  1. Mod from 01 June 2017. OK

  2. adi2003de

    why a game_data.sii ?
    Why no damage ?
    Why no speed coef on steering ?
    Why a cabin mass of 50 kilo ?


    Nothing at all is realistic at this mod …

  3. adi2003de++Why+you+not+go+play+minecraft+?

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