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After uploaded my European Central Bank mod, i got the question if i also could adjust the cargo price. So with this mod you will be able to get a more realistic revenue for your work.

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Author: Priester


9 Responses to Realistic prizes mod

  1. adriaan says:

    does this also work with trailerpacks from jazzycat? Or only vanilla stuff?

    • adriaan says:

      *forgot to add, is it also reducing hired driver revenue?

      • Chema_C says:

        I would like to know the same, and if the effect applies to ongoing profiles, or you have to start a new profile.

        Thanks for the mods

  2. Bobbo662 says:

    lol – I saw the title of your mod, and I thought to myself “You get a prize after you do a delivery?” hahaha … but it’s PRICE, not PRIZE.

  3. adriaan says:

    Looks like the drivers make huge losses now? I made freaking 400k loss in 16hours of resting time. And as the file is password locked, i can’t look in the def files..

    • Chema_C says:

      The vanilla game economy is too easy (every employee is top and does anything but increase benefits), but they shouldn’t be a source of ruin, either :D.

      Will wait for some tuning from the author

  4. Priester says:

    After being tested I took out the flaws, like that huge losses Adriaan talked about.

    New version can be downloaded here:

    • john says:

      hi priester,very interest and hard your mod like real life,i like it…the last uptade 1.0.3 don’t work together with your other mod ”European Central Bank Mod”…when i put the 1.0.3 returns the bank loans at the original economy..
      can you fix it.

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