Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds v 3.2


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Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds V3.2 For ETS 1.20.x – 1.21.x

Change Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds V3.2:
Removed Fog In Late afternoon/Evening (Dry Weather ONLY)

Features In Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds In Add On V3.2 Version:

* Compatible To Work With ETS Game Versions 1.20.x – 1.21.x
* 4 Realistic Thunder Sounds.
* Realistic Thunder Sounds Inside Cabin & Outside Cabin Of The Truck.
* Realistic Rain Sounds Inside Cabin & Ouside Cabin.
* Realistic Rain Drops/Windshield Effects.
* Included Volume Up For Ext Sounds Inside Cabin. Traffic, Thunders, Rain etc Inside The Truck Cabin.
* Works With Any Map.

For ProMods 1.98 ONLY:
* Includes A Fix To Work Properly With Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds V3.2 Mod.

Important: Do not use with any other Weather type mods.
Please Do not Re-upload in any other hosting site/s keep the original download link.

How To Install New Rain & Fog In HD Add On V3.2:
IMPORTANT: Put This Rain & Fog HD Add On mod In “My DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mods and activate it As High Priority (Top).

If you have any previous Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds version just DELETE it from mod folder after you add this new version & Activated it.

Author: Kass


2 thoughts on “Realistic Rain & Fog & Thunder Sounds v 3.2

  1. GunnzAkimbo

    Great mod.
    Chew up the framerate, maybe optimize it so it doesn’t.

  2. Blackburn

    when you go out this mod in version

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