Realistic Renault Magnum Sound


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This mod contains:
Sound mod for regular/vanilla Renault Magnum truck
Sound mod for MTP Renault Magnum rework

By adding “zzzrenault Magnum sound by Slash final” into your mod folder

Fix for knoxx_xx`s Renault Magnum rework by adding “zzzzzzzfix for knoxx magnum; renault Magnum sound by Slash” into your mod folder

Authors: SCS, Slash, Ludmillapower, Leen, davidzoli, aradeth


10 Responses to Realistic Renault Magnum Sound

  1. Modsbyrob says:

    It sounds awesome!! 🙂 Thank you very much.

  2. maddison says:

    LOL … the sounds on the indicators, they sound like a old ping-pong game 😀 😀

    I don’t know the new trucks, but sound they really so? Nice Idea, but I don’t know if i can drive such a a sound without falling from my chair 😀

    Funny idea 😉

    Okay, and as addon I will take the reverse drive sound from the kamaz, where a woman speaks 😀

    Sorry for the joke, but I can’t resist. Thanks for the mod and the video.

    • Slash says:

      yep, blinker sounds are from real Renault Magnum 😉

    • loz1c says:

      I was driving magnum this is real sound of blinkers, but real truck is really bad.

  3. louis says:

    don’t work with MTP Renault Magnum rework for me!!

    • Slash says:

      Try to load my mod as last by adding zzz infront of it. Or are there any errors in the .log?

  4. Modano says:

    thank you,very good sounds! =)

  5. holzkopf2015 says:

    hello, I have one ask you could revise your soundmod there once again he throws a couple of faults with best regards holzkopf

    00:00:58.564 : Missing model animation: /vehicle/truck/renault_magnum_2009/interior/retarder.pma
    00:00:58.564 : Missing model animation: /vehicle/truck/renault_magnum_2009/interior/liftaxle.pma
    00:00:58.564 : Missing model animation: /vehicle/truck/renault_magnum_2009/interior/aux_any.pma

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