Realistic Russian Highways

Realistic Russian highways:
I am rebuilding all standard SCS’ interchanges on Rusmap and modifying highways to real number of lanes. Then I will rebuild all wrong custom interchanges, then correct custom interchanges with wrong number of lanes. Up to now, St. Peterburg ring road is finished. I have problems with assets for realistic signs, so I hope that I will make them later. I removed all 5-lane sections because of AI disappering in right lane and I will return them after SCS solve it.
My next direction is Moscow and I will move there with rebuilding all wrong road profiles. Russian goverment built new highway M11 “around” Vyshny Volochyok, so I will try to build them. Enjoy in new St. Peterburg ring road.
In file is connection with Promods.
Only Rusmap is required.

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11 thoughts on “Realistic Russian Highways

  1. А автор карты [email protected] и не в курсе поди, что некие умельцы на его произведении хайвеи делают!

    1. Я не понимаю по-русски, только сербский и английский.

  2. I am not Russian, I am Serbian. Please, write on English, or one of ex-Yu languages.

    1. Please contact the author of this mod. His nickname [email protected]

      1. I am making addon for Rusmap, so I don’t need permission.
        I want to contact him, maybe he will add this to Rusmap, but I don’t know how to contact him (which email?).

  3. Why not contact/cooperate with RusMap author?

    1. See replay on 2 comments above:
      “I want to contact him, maybe he will add this to Rusmap, but I don’t know how to contact him (which email?).”

      1. Here is the page of the project “Rus-Map” Here you will find the author. Some users speak English. Serbs love in Russia

        1. Hi still hasn’t answered.

          1. The author was on the site on May 28. Probably now he is busy.

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