Realistic Sleeping


With this mod you can go to your bed
which makes the sleep in the parking lot of realistic.

It is by looking to the right.

Works with all Versions including 1.16.2


15 thoughts on “Realistic Sleeping

  1. Does it also work with mod-trucks?

    1. ApplePieGaming

      I dont now but i dont think so :/

  2. All Trucks or Only Scania ?

    1. ApplePieGaming

      It works in all Trucks 😉

  3. Nice work, i love it!

  4. Can anyone make a video of it? Thanks in advance 🙂

  5. Everything is ok but SCS didn’t made a “full seats” in Scania trucks…
    I still can’t find the mod to fix it.

    It is better than MAN Trucks. MAN have no back wall in the interior 😀

  6. This mod completely ruins wheel position in DAF Euro 6, and you cannot fix it through seat camera option…In all other trucks this mod works very well, expect new DAF.

  7. T.L.Express

    I’m the author of “Go to bed beta v0.9”
    You embezzled my mod without any modification.
    Please explain it.
    Otherwise I’ll sue the accusation of copyright infringement.

    1. He’s right he made the mod.
      This is a steal.
      T.L.Express i’m using your mod for a while and it’s great.

    2. go cry in a corner pu$$y

  8. Works great with the scania t-series mod, also the back of the seats are modelled there 😮

  9. radegast783

    It goes on RJL Scania?

  10. not working with actross MPIV….

  11. Brian Han

    Does this work with ATS as well?

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