Realistic Speed Mod (Volvo FH16 Classic)

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Finally a mod where you can go fast without it being gamebreaking –

Allows exceptional power but in a realistic and game-friendly way,
You can cruise along on the backroads and motorway very steadily; all knowing you can go much faster if you need too.

Please read the Readme file for a better explanation about this mod and its capabilities !




6 thoughts on “Realistic Speed Mod (Volvo FH16 Classic)

  1. vanhouten_cz

    195 mph? What the f*ck is realistic on it?

  2. Realistic Speed ????????????

  3. bazook115

    : ) Yes, it is realistic in the way/time it takes it to achieve the speed. It accelerates with realism rather than out-and-out arcade behavior.

  4. DAF_Lover

    What’s the point in this ‘mod’? If you want to be an ##### and drive fast just uncheck the speed limiter in the settings. Simple!

  5. Daytonaman

    I think this mod is the best speed mod out there.

    Because It still behaves like a realistic truck when I want it too, but when I want to go fast it allows me to achieve it progressively. I think that’s what the OP meant by “realistic.” it’s not Arcade, for that i think its a cool mod to have that modulation.

  6. In “CONSOLE” write : warp 0,70 … You can use commands 0,10 – 0,80 .. Command 0,80 is the same as 0,90 or basic game speed 1,0 ..

    This an order for the overall behavior of the time flow in here by means of a console command. Numbers and a punctuation mark (,) write in the numeric keyboard (keypad) .. You can use commands 0,10 – 0,80 .. Command 0,80 is the same as 1,0 ..

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