Realistic Tires v 1.0


Expanded set of tires with realistic look

– Full set of wheels, including standard “Steel” and all the wheels of the trailer
– Different views between the front tires and rear tires
– Added similar pairs of rear wheels for all types of front
– 6 brands of tire manufacturers
– Added 5 vesrions the chrome wheels and 1 paintable version
– Added black versions of the “Sirius” and “Absolute Fury” wheels

Author: Dragon.911


16 thoughts on “Realistic Tires v 1.0

  1. And still not for 1.7?? You will update it but not make it for 1.7? Lots of people have been having texture issues and crashes with the last because it didn’t fit the new versions.

    1. TonyGlobetrotter

      It do work on v.1.7 i know it cuz I use it on 1.7.

      1. Steam version? Other mods? Going East DLC?
        It works for some, and not for others (incl. me)

    2. It does actually work for me on patch 1.7…for about 5 minutes… Then Windows DEP (Data Execution Prevention) kicks in and boots my sorry ### out of the game.

      As soon as I deactivate/remove this mod, the game runs just fine again.

      Until I figure out WHY this mod can stay in the tras ’til the cows come home for all I care.

      1. F.Y.I. (just in case somebody wanted to know)…

        My Game = SCS digital dl version incl. Going East DLC + a whole bunch of mods e.g.:

        ProMods Scandinavia v1.01
        Mega Store v1.7
        Winter Mod v1.7.0 + DLC + TSM 4.X

        B.T.W… For those who don’t understand my #### english: “tras” + H = “trasH” :p

  2. which dumbass say it does not work with v1.7?

    It´s works with v1.7

  3. How about you #### off Baba, you’re always first to complain about mods and now that it doesn’t work for others you’re being a #### about it.

    It doesn’t work for me, and it doesn’t work for others. Nasty self-righteous ####.

  4. Besides basically this is just a re-upload, no change to the file whatsoever. Complete bullshit behaviour.

  5. Who uploaded this? Readme file is in German only, lucky I speak it.
    I’ve started it all clean, no other mods but this one and I get a texture error, and the text in game gets garbled up.

    v.1.7.0s (Steam)+ Going East DLC

    1. same here – but not with just this mod – any mod that adds extra content to game does the same thing – any ideas on what this could be

  6. Baba let me also remind you how you were a big supporter of Trucker Map by Goba which didn’t work properly for pretty much anybody else, and you were also a real loudmouth ##### there too calling everybody “dumbass”.

    You’re really a piece of ####, I don’t know why somebody would take your word for anything.

    1. yeah, come on J ronja

      been abused too often? little ####### ?

  7. very…. very cool.


    My short setup:
    a) Win7 x64
    1) ETS 2 v1.7.0s (Steam – Always update automatically)
    2) DLC Going East!

    🙂 Profile basic without mods
    🙂 Profile ProMods v1.01
    🙂 Profile TSM 4.1.2
    🙂 Profile Easterner Express Russian v2.0
    🙂 Profile Romania v3.7

    Now I need seaching for a good tire pack

  8. TruckerGuy135

    The #### mod works, shut up

  9. What is the difference between the mini and the mod.scs? I have both and I still see some default tires, such as Gestone. Also, the newer ones have quite low quality textures

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