Realistic Traffic v 5.1 by Rockeropasiempre for V.1.32.XX

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Update of mod.


General Specifications of the mod:

– 2 Versions inside the rar file. One (WITH EXTRAS), and one that does not include sounds (NO EXTRAS). Choose one of the 2.
– Mods manager: Always place on top of any AI traffic mod you have.
– Multitude of different colors for AI cars. Version (WITH EXTRAS).
– Increase in overall volume of traffic on all roads.
– Less patience in the behavior of AI drivers.
– Descent of police cars
– Compatible with all maps and Dlc’s of the game. (Going East, Viva la France, Italy, Heavy Cargo, Special Transport)
– Compatible with all AI traffic mods-packs. (Place the mod on top of the IA packs you have).
– Traffic behavior of the AI ​​totally different from that of the original game.
– Complete information inside the downloaded rar. File READ ME 2 VERSIONS.txt.

Changes in version 5.1:

– Removed obsolete files from the previous version.
– Adapted the new parameters of the files.
– Updated game_data.sii in the (WITH EXTRAS) version.
– Updated and added the new vehicles of this version.
– Updated the file semaphore_profile.sii
– I update the file traffic_rules_spawn.sui
– Modified the sound of the garage door.
– Modified sounds of rain and thunder only in (WITH EXTRAS) version.
– Added new sounds in road works.
– Tractor traffic is maintained, which appears very occasionally.
– Brief decrease in night truck traffic in the city.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

Weight of the winrar file: 185.8 Mb




9 Responses to Realistic Traffic v 5.1 by Rockeropasiempre for V.1.32.XX

  1. Alex677M says:

    THX !

  2. Guest says:

    Welcome back! Thx bro!

  3. Rockeropasiempre says:

    Thanks guys, we are back updating jobs.

  4. MovingTarget says:

    Thanks for making some of the best mods for ETS2. I can’t thank you enough!

  5. Rockeropasiempre says:

    Thank you very much for your fellow comments. We will continue working.

    greetings to all

  6. Leon says:

    THX… good job.
    Is it possible to adjust the speed of the turn signals of vehicles AI ?

  7. noel says:

    Very good mod,but too much tractor.How to disable? Archive protect by password.thank you and sorry for verry bad english 🙂

  8. mjj08 says:

    Hi 🙂 very good mod but too many tractor!! How to disable this? Archive protect by password? Thank you.

  9. Anatolius says:

    Hello. Can you say in which file the time of the customs check is prescribed? Since Russian customs without long inspections is not Russian customs)

    Здравствуйте. Можете сказать в каком файле прописывается время таможенной проверки? Так как российская таможня без долгих проверок – не российская таможня)

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