Realistic Visuals – Fael Environment v 2.4

Realistic Visuals - Fael Environment v 2.4-2 Realistic Visuals - Fael Environment v 2.4-1

Updated version of FAEL ENVIRONMENT for Version 1.18.

I tried a new approach on this one, trying to get an early spring look, while using some of Grimes’ tree models. I hope you guys like it.

Any suggestions are welcome. For more info, please visit:

Authors: Rafaelbc, Grimes, Atak_Snajpera & Knox_xss


6 Responses to Realistic Visuals – Fael Environment v 2.4

  1. Nimeni_Altu says:

    looking very nice and real!!
    hope it will work with tsm map + rus map to!!! ….
    make a mod like this for the summer to…. you know, more blue color in morning… and more pink/red/purple color in the evening….

  2. metaloz says:

    baixando e conferindo!!!!!valeu fael

  3. gaiz says:

    This is what i have been waiting for to complete my mods of 1.18, you guys are always on top of others in real graphics, I hvnt tried this version but it speaks volumes at the look of pictures. Thank you keep the good work.

  4. muppet says:

    It is a nice mod but very sad, trees looks from a terror movie.

  5. TrucksterBob says:

    Used your previous mods, but I feel this version isnt as good. The trees look half dead and makes the landscape look dull imo.

  6. Kedi says:

    Best graphic mod ever !!

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