Realistic Water Mod

realistic-water-1 realistic-water-2

That mod adds a new real water to your game.
Tested 1.25 and 1.26.
Have fun!

Do not reupload please!

Danex, Павел Агарков


11 thoughts on “Realistic Water Mod

  1. Francesco

    nice! compatibile with Promods 2.11?

  2. Is it compatible with ProMods?

    1. Yes, i use this mod with Promods 2.11.

      1. …and also works properly in ATS!

  3. Nice mod. Thank you.

  4. Nice mod! Thanks for share! It brings more beauty for my game!

  5. Спасибо ??

  6. Big Thx
    Very good “little” mod !!!

  7. Паш, спасибо, классный мод)

    1. Как сам думаешь, Павел знает что его мод тут? И при создании ему помогал некто Danex?

  8. ElvisAmorimGA

    Bom dia seu MOD é extraordinário gostaria de pedir autorização para incluir ele na futura atualização do MOD Melhorias Avançadas, seria possível?

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