Realistic Weather for ETS2 1.28.xx FINAL BY BLACKSTORM

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This climate mod is based on the Improved Weather Mod by SGate but with some added improvements such as:

– Mod adapted to 1.28.xx final version of Euro Truck Simulator 2
– Updated some files (traffic lights, ambient lights, …)
– Fixed many bugs from the previous version

Some features of the mod are:

– 62 high-resolution sky textures
– 13 types of weather during the day
– 12 types of dawn
– 13 types of sunset
– 14 types of evening
– Several types of night
– No Bloom
– Shadows of clouds
– Realistic colors
– Variable weather
– New traffic lights

This mod is compatible with any map (ProMods, RusMap, Southern Region Map, TruckSim Map,…)

This mod has been tested on version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 and doesn´t
cause any errors


– Enable HDR
– Enable color correction
– This mod must be in first position in the list of active mods





29 thoughts on “Realistic Weather for ETS2 1.28.xx FINAL BY BLACKSTORM

  1. FoxOnTheBox

    HD video test..

    1. Will go to the mario map?

      1. BlackStorm

        I think that should work on the Mario map but I don’t know because I don’t use that map

      2. yes…

      3. can not support mario map!
        can you update plz?

  2. tunning6000

    Amazing mod.Good job,thank

  3. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  4. BillyZeKat

    work it on the 1.27 version ?

    1. BlackStorm

      No doesn’t work on ets2 1.27.x sorry only work on ets2 1.28 or higher

    2. BlackStorm

      But if you want I can adapt the mod to version 1.27 of the game

  5. Francesco

    very beatiful mod weather BlackStorm!! my compliments 😉

    1. BlackStorm

      Thank you Francesco you’re very kind :):)

  6. Mercohaulic

    Is there a chance you can rework this for ATS as well

  7. Eliot Mess

    BlackStorm, there seems to be a little bug in this traffic light (can’t see green light)
    Anyway, excellent mod! It even improves fps in my really old PC.

    1. BlackStorm

      Hello Eliot Mess thanks for the info I’ll look the bug and fix it thanks 🙂 🙂

  8. SmellyCat

    You don’t learn….

    1. BlackStorm

      SmellyCat I’m not going to be unpleasant but a lot of people have downloaded the mod and nobody has complained about the sound files, so I’m going to ignore your comentary

  9. Bug report: beacons don’t work with this mod. I don’t know why, but 2 files in “Unit” folder, “hookup” subfolder – “trailer_beacon.sii” and “vehicle_beacon.sii” – prevent beacons from work (beacons don’t flash, don’t light up at all). After I’ve deleted these two sii files, beacons start to work again.

  10. Hello
    Mr. BlackStorm, you are very kind and a good person. You are struggling and you are trying to give us goodies in games too thank you very much. Very nice especially thanks to the sky and the nighttime darkness is perfect. Pc sony vaio has 512mb video card. When you load the mode, the speed indicators of the trucks, the traffic lights and the environment are colored too extreme, is it possible to fix this? Will my recollection be for the people who have problems like me or will they delete my file from my iii files? Or can we not cancel the traffic lights file? how can we solve these problems. I did not fix this extreme coloring whatever I did in the game settings. You can help. I wish you conveniences in your work. Best regards.

  11. Crash, with promods 2.20! 🙁

    1. Is not crashing with last promods. The only thing i noticed is that i never show a real night with meaning of night, Dark etc etc. For example clock says 01:40 and the sky was like early afternoon.
      Ofc i have this mod above promods and i dont use other mods.
      Its a nice mod btw.

      1. Show*

  12. I was watching that trailer and it looks amazing!!! Great job and thank you BLACKSTORM so much for this weather mod! Looking forward to it when I try your weather mod in ETS2 :-). But does this weather mod work with promods map 2.20, so I could download it and play the game with your mod, please? Thank you very much for your answer! 🙂

  13. Rockeropasiempre

    First of all, congratulations for the great work done, fellow Blackstorm.
    I wanted to ask you a question. Because I am in the credits of one of your mods ?. Was it for the lighting archives? It’s just for curiosity and I repeat very good work, my friend.


  14. PrinceENDEMION

    There is no brightness in the lights Please fix this is problem

  15. Is+there+a+Fog+in+the+Mod?

  16. Blackstorm, any plans to update for 1.30? Thank you.

  17. I adors mode(fashion) with plusieur different weather report which is good mieu that piva and with gap of days to go back up(raise) green the North. The probléme he(it) been born more compatible and a putting has in the daytime for 1.30 would be cool

  18. En français: ses pour quand la mise a jour 1.30 s’il vous plais, je n’attend plus que se mode merci.
    In English: His(Her,Its) for when the putting has in the daytime please, I does not wait more than for mode thank you.

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