Realistic Weather Sound v1.6.1


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This mod adds better rain sound effects at exterior and interior of the truck and also better visual effect of the rain. With this mod for sure you will use the Rain Probability at maximum. You feel like you’re in a truck and outside it’s raining. Also if you use the exterior camera you won’t believe you’re playing a game. The immersion is superb and I don’t say this because I’m the creator of it.

Changelog v1.6.1:
-No big changes only the game_data.sii was updated since in latest version, 1.12, some new lines were added and I wanted to make sure everything it’s up to date. Also updated the fix for ProMods v1.70.


DOWNLOAD 2.2 MB Main mod
DOWNLOAD 2.2 MB Mirror Main mod

DOWNLOAD 2.2 MB Fix for ProMods
DOWNLOAD 2.2 MB Mirror Fix for ProMods

7 thoughts on “Realistic Weather Sound v1.6.1

  1. i like it.. tyvm…

  2. Faelandaea

    Absolutely beautiful work. This is outstanding.

  3. nIGhT-SoN

    Thank you!

    Don’t forget, if you are using ProMods, you will need Fix for ProMods too.
    That fix makes sure you’ll get the whole feeling of this mod, including better exterior sound at interior (passing cars, thunder etc) and also the changes to rain drops on windshield (at higher speeds they will go almost horizontally on your side windows).


  4. thanksz

  5. can you make no wiper sound mod? i hate this wiper sounds 🙂

  6. Good work!! Excellent!!

  7. @dr_jaymz

    question: its compatible with iwr20r3 (improved weather reload r3 by blackopen)?

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